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Teacup reports show you how well you’re connecting with customers and how much money you’re bringing in. Our mobile-first reporting means complete transparency, wherever you are.

Answer a handful of easy questions and Teacup will build entire campaigns, instantly. We’ll find the best keywords and craft compelling landing pages to get results.


AdWords is complex. Teacup makes everything easy. Grow your business with effective, profitable Adwords campaigns and absolutely no expertise needed. Leave it to Teacup - we'll handle the hard parts.

Keep your campaigns fresh, and reach new customers. Teacup’s A.I. is always looking for new opportunities, high-quality keywords and even tests different targeted landing pages.


Expand & Evolve


Teacup’s Artificial Intelligence uses Natural Language Understanding to analyze your website and uncover keywords. If you connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console too, we analyze behavioral data around your content to suggest the best keywords.

Keyword discovery

Beautifully designed landing pages are automatically generated, unique to each ad variation. This ensures a high Google Quality Score that lowers bid costs and increases conversions.

Instant Landing Pages

How we do it:

Each ad gets its own, uniquely relevant landing page!


Teacup handles the campaign structure, bid management and optimization.

We simply ask a few easy questions and then Teacup creates your ads.

Teacup offers multiple options to discover new keywords.

Ad Creation

Landing Pages


Teacup greatly helped us improve our results, while significantly reducing costs. We were able to generate a significant number of leads.

We highly recommend Teacup!

Shayne Burnstein | Swype

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